Mascot Engineering & Construction is an established player in the agriculture construction industry.  Our company started constructing oil storage tanks in its early years and have since expanded our operations to include the construction of complete Processing Plants, Palm Oil Mills, Refineries, Bio-gas, Composting plants, Feed Processing plants and all related structural and machinery.

We have served more than 50 industry leaders and clients across hundreds of projects since our establishment in 1978.  Our clients and projects span across the region and industry.  Most projects are located across Peninsula Malaysia, Malaysia Borneo and Indonesia and we have since expanded to Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea in recent years.

We seek to continue to deliver high-quality projects for our expanding client base across the region and beyond.


Organisation Structure

Mascot Engineering & Construction operates in collaborative teams of experts.  Our teams include our Engineering, Workshop, and Business teams.

Our Design & Engineering Team includes on-site technical and project management engineers, quantity surveyors and mechanical and structural design engineers and technicians.


Our Workshop Team includes fabrication, procurement, inventory and logistics experts.


Our Business Team includes our finance, accounts and people executives and analysts.

Fabrication Facilities

and Equipments 

Mascot Engineering & Construction operates out of a sheltered mechanical fabrication work space of approximately two hectares at Pasir Gudang Industrial Park.  Pasir Gudang Industrial Park is one of the biggest heavy-industries industrial park located in the south of Johor, with easy accessibility to  Johor Port (one of the ports of Malaysia).

Our work space houses numerous steel and metal fabrication equipment, enabling us to take on large-scale mechanical and structural fabrication on-site.


Some of these equipment includes Shearing, Milling and Punching Machines, Plasma Cutters, Self-adaptive Rotators and Overhead cranes to name a few.



Head Office and Workshop

Plo 314/205, Jalan Perak Dua,
Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate, 81700,
Pasir Gudang, Johor,