Be Part of the Team 

Mascot Engineering & Construction is looking for talented and driven individuals to join our team of experts in  Agriculture Processing, Palm Oil Mills, Refineries, Bio-gas, Composting plants, and all related structural and mechanical works.

We are challenging, dynamic, and rewarding.  You will be involved with practical projects right from the start,
engaged with diverse individuals of various backgrounds and skillsets, and challenge yourself from the beginning.   


Our Team demonstrates a genuine desire to learn, an ability to contribute effectively in a team environment, and possesses strong written and oral communication skills.  We distinguish ourselves with our set of core values.

  • Professionalism at work

  • Integrity conveyed through our words and actions

  • Respect for all

  • Fairness in our decisions

  • Teamwork oriented culture

  • Excellence in all that we do

  • The celebration of Diversity


If the above applies to you and you would love to join us, please submit your resume to  We will contact you if we find you suitable.  We encourage students interested in industrial training and internship to apply.